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Related post: Distilled water 55 mils FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS 25 The acetic acid in all of the Flemming fluids is of great advantage since it penetrates very rapidly, carrying the chromic acid or chromic and osmic acids into the tissue depths, thus insuring complete fixation. The material to be fixed should be cut into small pieces not longer than 5 mm. nor broader than 2 or 3 mm. The Purchase Levothroid amount of fixation to be used should not be less than 15 times the bulk of the material to be fixed. The material should be placed in Levothroid Weight Loss the fixing fluid im- mediately after it is gathered. One or two drachm homepathic phials are convenient for the process. The material is kept in the fixing fluid for from 12 to 24 hours and then washed in small cheese cloth bags which are placed in running tap water for from 6 to 12 hours or over night. Dehydrating and Hardening. After washing the material, still kept in the bags, is placed in 10 per cent, alcohol for i hour and is then carried through a series of alcohols. Each of the series 10 per cent stronger than the one before it, remaining in each grade for ij^ to 2 hours until 70 per cent, alcohol is reached. Take out of bag and place in phial in 70 per cent, alcohol. If the material is not to be imbedded in paraffine immediately, it can remain in 70 per cent, or 85 per cent, alcohol (if very delicate) until needed. It is not safe to leave very valuable material in a grade below 70 per cent, over night. From the 70 per cent, alcohol it is carried to 85 per cent, to 95 per cent, to absolute alcohol, remaining in each at least 6 hours'with 2 or 3 changes of the last. Clearing and Imbedding. In order to get the material from ab- solute alcohol into paraffine, some medium must be used which mixes with absolute alcohol and which also dissolves paraffine. Either oils such as cedar, clove or bergamot or substances like xylol, chloroform or benzol satisfy this requirement. To clear with xylol transfer material from absolute alcohol to a mixture of ^absolute alcohol and y xylol for 12 hours, then to mixture of equal parts of absolute alcohol and xylol for 12 hours, then to % xylol and J^ absolute alcohol for 12 hours to pure xylol for 12 hours. To phial containing material in pure xylol add paraffine in small pieces and put on top of paraffine bath sufficiently long until paraffine is melted. Then add more paraffine and put phial in paraffine bath at 56C. over night. 26 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY Pour fluid off and add pure melted paraffine and repeat 2 or 3 times until rid of all trace of xylol. A tray is then prepared by taking a piece of paper and folding up its edges all around to the height of about a half inch. Half fill this on a cool surface with melted para- ffine. Heat two dissection needles in bunsen flame and with these dispose pieces of material in orderly fashion over the crust which has by this time formed at the bottom of the tray. Blow upon the sur- face of the paraffine to harden it more quickly and as soon as the surface crust will bear it, plunge the tray into cold water. The material can now be left imbedded in paraffine until required for sectioning. If cutting is to be done in a cool room, softer Levothyroxine Levothroid grades of paraffine with 'melting points between 40 and 5oC. should be used for imbedding. If on the other hand cutting is to be done at summer temperatures, the harder grades melting at between 55 and 7oC. should be employed. TECHNIQUE OF SECTIONING AND MOUNTING MATERIAL IMBEDDED IN PARAFFINE Strip off the paper tray from the imbedded material and cut out a block of paraffine containing the object which is to be sectioned, taking care to include at least 2 or 3 mm. of paraffine on all sides beyond the specimen. Take a segment of pine wood about an inch long and with a surface at one end about % in. square and coat the square area with melted paraffine. Warm the paraffine on the piece of pine wood and quickly press the paraffine block containing Levothroid Price the specimen into this melted paraffine in the desired position for cutting. Heat a dissecting needle and apply this all around the base so that the paraffine block is firmly sealed to the wood. Dip paraffine block in cold water to harden. Now trim the paraffine block with a sharp scalpel Levothroid 50 Mcg so that the faces form right angles with each other. Adjust the wood in the clamp of the microtome and the microtome blade so that the top of the paraffine block just touches the near surface of the microtome knife. Make certain that the knife edge and the two opposite faces of the paraffine block are perfectly parallel. Now trim the remaining two sides of the block close to the object. Adjust the automatic feed of the rotary microtome by moving dial to num- FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS 27 her on scale representing thickness in microns desired of sections and turn wheel of microtome. It will be observed that the carrier moves up and down and with each downward movement slightly forward, causing the knife to cut sections which adhere in ribbons. Transfer the ribbons by means of a camel's hair pencil or dissecting needle to a piece of dust free paper with the side downward which was next to the knife. The ribbons are now ready to be mounted on slides. The slides to be used should only be those which are devoid of grease or dirt of any kind particularly on the surface upon which the ribbons are to be mounted. A very good plan is to keep a number of slides intended for this purpose submerged Levothroid Levothyroxine Is in a saturated solution of potassium dichromate in concentrated sulphuric acid. These can be taken out as needed and thoroughly rinsed with water. With a clean cloth stretched over the forefinger vigorously rub one surface of each slide until perfectly dry and free of lint. Then Buy Levothroid Online place a small drop of Mayer's albumin fixative on clean- surface and rub over the surface. (The formula for Mayer's Albumin Fixative is as follows: Egg white and Glycerin, equal parts, Carbolic acid i or 2 drops. Mix thoroughly.) Now flood the surface with water and cut the ribbons into segments of the desired length and arrange in rows on slide, being careful to have the segments somewhat shorter than the length Levothroid Online of Buy Levothroid the cover slip because of tendency of parafrine to stretch Levothroid Mcg when warmed. Warm slide gently by holding high above a bunsen flame or flame of an alcohol lamp until ribbons
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